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4 Reasons Why You Should Tint Your Business’s Windows

4 Reasons Why You Should Tint Your Business's Windows

Though you may not think actively about them every day, windows are a very important part of your commercial buildings’ structure. Their outside appearance has a major effect on your building’s curb appeal, and the way they look on the inside can influence a lot of things, such as comfort, lighting, productivity, and energy efficiency.

Windows can cause their fair share of issues- admitting glare, heat, and UV rays into the office, causing temperatures to go up, furnishings to fade, and energy bills to rise. Luckily, commercial window tinting can solve a lot of these problems.

Since 1992, Luv R Blinds has helped many local area businesses with our commercial window tinting service. Though we can list quite a few, here are four major reasons why so many businesses invest in high-quality window tinting for their commercial properties. If you’d like to contact us and learn more about our commercial window tinting options, give us a call at 951-736-9650.

Energy Efficiency

Energy bills are a major cost of running any business, especially when you have large facilities to maintain. While your windows admit lots of natural light, you also lose a lot of your internal heating and cooling through the glass.

Here in our local area, outside heat is the main concern for most of the year. When outside heat works its way indoors through the glass, it raises the temperature inside, which means your AC has to run hard to compensate- driving your energy bills up. By applying heat-reflective tint to your windows, you can block out most of that heat, not run your AC as hard, and bring those power bills back down.

Creating A Comfortable Workplace

As mentioned above, a lot of heat can make its way through your windows, and on hot summer days, it can make your workplace hot and stuffy. Furthermore, glare can leave your staff and customers squinting to see- especially problematic if they’re working with computers or other screens. By reducing glare and regulating temperature exchange, you can make the interior of your workspace much more comfortable for both your staff and your clientele.

UV Protection

Have you ever seen old furnishings faded by sunlight? UV radiation can take its toll on our furnishings by fading fabric, cracking leather surfaces, and even causing the wood to discolor. Furthermore, those UV rays are bad news for our skin. Even indoors, without proper UV protection on your windows, these rays can still cause sunburns, accelerate skin aging, and contribute to skin cancers! Investing in UV-blocking tints and films for your windows will keep your interiors and your employees safe from damaging UV radiation!

Enhanced Privacy

Many of us operate businesses where we don’t want strangers’ eyes peering inside: schools, daycares, medical facilities, law offices, and so on. By investing in privacy-enhancing window tinting, you can lock your business’s insides away from prying eyes outside- while still admitting sunlight and good views indoors. Give our expert window treatment team for Norco blinds, shutters, and shades a call today!

If you are looking for a Commercial Window Tint service that will add quality protection for your business in Norco or the surrounding area, give us a call today at 951-736-9650 or fill out our online request form.

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